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  "How is this possible?"


 "Only through the advent of the internet and the more recent development of sophisticated software programs can the “average Joe” now put in his two cents worth.

Historically, inventors and investors determined which inventions reached the marketplace and that with significant risks! There was no way to predetermine if the product would be a success or not!  From the consumer's point of view, a product would "just appear" on the market and they could either buy it or reject it. 


When consumers become IDC members, they are EMPOWERED to provide their opinions on an invention "before" it becomes a product. This creates a pre-success position for the invention that qualifies it for commercialization consideration and investor confidence. All of us working together will undoubtedly have a major impact on the percentage of inventions that will actually be successful in the marketplace. IDC members take part in certain (POPs) Peoples Opinion Polls through product analysis. 


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