CoolStow Crossover

"Like Sitting Under a Shade Tree"


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CoolStow CrossOver

The strength of steel, the beauty of wood and the unique CoolStow technology all in one.

Required Manufacturing Processes:

Shear, Brake, Punch Press, 14 gauge, Powder Coating,  Roll Forming up to 14 gauge, Powder Coating, Asssembly                                                            

It's not


motion ..but ..

it is cool.

Climate controlled WITHOUT


Do you think

it's impossible?

We've done it!

Kids don't try this at home. You'll only be disappointed. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Constructed with CoolStow technology any structure will start out 40 degrees cooler in the summer,  dramatically reducing air-conditioning requirements?

CoolStow is a steel structure with "built-in" insulating technology under unlimited exterior options. Traditional wood siding or metal siding, vinyl siding, SmartSide, brick and more.

Bridgeway Carports

Bridgeway Steel Framing

Patent Pending

Bridgeway Garage-

Your Choice of Exterior Material

Truss-Type Structural Member

400% stronger

CoolStow Engineered Structures of all sizes are constructed in steel. They are 400% stronger with a retractable steel foundation. Climate controlled without air conditioning to maintain cool summertime interior temperature just like in under shade tree!  There are no power requirements. Customers choose siding type from many available options to meet any homeowner association requirements. No blocks to purchase! No ground prep! Self leveling and much more!.

New Science


CoolStow is a new building science utilizes proprietary art and materials  when used in a specific manner dramatically reduces temperature interior temperature extremes during the summer.


CoolStow brings building science to a whole new level. CoolStow allows for storage buildings to offer a greater degree of protection for their contents and a much greater financial benefit to the owner. In typical storage buildings, the summertime interior temperature can reach up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Most stored contents are not designed to tolerate such high temperatures and so are destroyed over time. CoolStow is in a world of its own!


CoolStow Does Not Fall Into These Traps

Wood by nature is imperfect

It is natural for wood to

change shape as it dries

The cost of low quality is very expensive

Big Difference

  • The typical wood constructed buildings, interior temperatures rise to level that could be damaging to the content. In most geographical locations and building applications, summertime interior temperatures in a CoolStow structure usually do not exceed 5 degrees above the exterior "in the shade" temperature which helps protect the contents.

  • Wood is a product of nature and is inconsistent in strength. Knots, cracks, etc. cause a wide variation in structural strength from one framing member to another. CoolStow "steel" structural members are 400% stronger than wood and have no variation in strength which means our steel members never sag or warp.


  • Wood burns easily and is self fueling when fire temperature reaches 130 degrees. CoolStow is not flammable and will not contribute to a fire.


  • Wood is prone to rotting and deteriorating. CoolStow steel members cannot rot and continually provides the same structural appearance as when originally constructed.


  • Wood attracts termites and other insects. Mice will chew on wood as a food source, gain entry to the building; then infest the stored items. CoolStow steel is not affected by nor does it attract rodents and insects, including termites.


  • Wood buildings have a history of rapid financial depreciation. "Shed" class builders are marketed toward "lowest costs per building". This practice means that the lowest price materials must be used and that usually means the lowest quality materials must be purchased. Building under that philosophy, the lowest cost construction methods are usually incorporated. CoolStow steel building materials are unaffected by time so the value does not decrease. In fact, depending on the exterior materials chosen, CoolStow buildings are expected to increase in value commensurate with inflation rates.


  • Most wooden storage buildings are in  the "shed"  class and the builders do not attempt to meet any building codes. CoolStow is by intention constructed in the "engineered" class  to meet and/and or exceed National and International Building Code standards thereby providing the purchaser peace of mind in regard to the longevity of his CoolStow building.