CozyWay Cabins

New technology built into “CozyWay Cabins” is the ONLY technology that addresses the vibrating frequencies of heat, sound and man-made electrical influences producing energy savings, health and a comfort level that has never been equaled. A cabin to live in or as part of a resort, nothing equals CozyWay for investment value! 

MORE Details regarding the financial proforma of CozyWay Cabin as part of a resort.

This financial proforma is the expected experience from a resort that is outfitted with the "relocatable" CozyWay cabins as described elsewhere on this site. THIS PROFORMA IS ON ONE CABIN, imagine what could be done with TEN?

Please feel free to inquire; we are happy to discuss this remarkable architectural breakthrough. Also please see more details here.

NOTE: "Bridgeway" is mentioned throughout the report. Just to clarify, Bridgeway is the steel system utilized in the CozyWay structures.