Delegate Directive

There are a few standard attributes and qualifications of an IDC Delegate that requires clarification due to the importance of this member position and the additional requirements to adequately represent a large community - county-city-village. The descriptions outlined on this page are not designed be divisive. They are designed to be inclusive to find those with a like mind, bringing them together, so they may be in one accord to achieve a common purpose. Of course, General members can be of another mind, but "Delegates" must be on the same page in order to reach a common goal.

  • An IDC Delegate registers to represent the community they live in. The Delegate membership is an expanded "General" level of membership.

  • An IDC Delegate must  have a strong desire to bring new jobs to their community.

  • An IDC Delegate must agree to do their best to find other delegates in order for the community to be sufficiently represented.  

  • The Delegate's community must clearly be in need of new industries that will produce jobs or increased production of existing industries.

  • Delegates have voting rights with IDC which includes voting on several inventions for which the delegates believe should be produced in their community because that invention fits the skill-sets of the available local workforce.

  • At least 300 Delegates are chosen from each community whose votes play a major factor in which product will be produced in that community. This decision will have far reaching affects for scores of years!

  • Because they are a group that is "in-one-accord" they are empowered by God to receive what they believe for! There is Biblical precedent for the spiritual law found in Genesis 1:26-28 where God gave man dominion over the earth. He gave individual man dominion to get individual results. Then He set it up so that when individuals group together they have "group dominion."

  • Are there Biblical references that God wants us prosperous? Yes, there are many, but specifically, King David was inspired to write, Psalms 35:27, Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, "Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant." We have that covered because we unanimously agree that all of us together "Favour His Righteous Cause."


Each Delegate who represents their community only need to register their personal statement that the Delegate agrees with IDC's statement that “God will provide” the specific invention that best fits for the skill-sets of  ____your community name here___  (Mark 11-22, 24)

  • Day to day ordinary humans speak words to express themselves. God speaks words to create! Man also creates by his spoken word even if he does not know it.

  • Delegates are ambassadors for God who represent their own specific community.

  • By his or her recommending a product to be produced a Delegate is speaking words that create jobs!

  • IDC Invests "Delegate chosen inventions" into your community to create jobs for your community! 

  • IDC ministers the product into _______your community name here________ by means of the HomeTownEmployment system that we believe God has ordained.

  • IDC brings you the seed of faith in God by providing your community with an invention that produces jobs.  Delegates have the opportunity to plant that "seed" by simply saying “God will provide!” 

  • IDC only asks Delegates to simply vote on the product to be manufactured and "speak words" and expect the creation of wealth and prosperity for their community through our combined efforts! 

Below is FURTHER reading of regarding our opinion of man's role in man's endeavor to receive prosperity, some Delegates subscribe to this "belief."  If a Delegate does not subscribe to this belief he or she still qualifies as a Delegate if agreeing to these two points;

1 - Your community needs "new jobs"

2 - You truly believe that the God of the Bible is the source of prosperity and wants mankind to be prosperous and in good health.

    We encourage you to continue reading to get a full understanding of what it means to be a delegate.

Then click to here to register as an IDC Delegate.  

There are those that say “not to mix religion and business." Of course, that is usually a statement made by those who are into religion. But IDC would like to go on record by saying that IDC management is not into religion. Because, the God, who our IDC Delegates are expecting to bring prosperity to their community is the “Creator” God, the one and only God of the universe. We are referring to a relationship between Father God and His children, definitely not a religion.


Religion is man-made and an effort to reach God. Jesus is God’s effort to reach man. Man-made religion is counterfeit and counterproductive to God's plan to provide for man. As one example, Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." That scripture is referring to the fact that God desires to provide anything and everything we need and want.


The IDC invention commercialization system revolves around the God of the Bible that spoke the earth into being. Then He spoke “man” into being and man speaks “every” business into being. That means that God and business are inseparable! Or should be! Wise people do not exclude God from any of their everyday activities.

This brings up “the other person owes me” syndrome. This is the “socialist” mindset when a person is looking to someone else to provide for them. Some say, the rich are getting rich off MY back! Some think, “The man” owes me! By thinking that way we limit our provision to that which could only come from other people. Knowingly or unknowingly even God cannot help us when we seek our provision from others because our dominion position is in charge. By that same spiritual law of dominion, when we are looking to ourselves to be our own source of prosperity then God cannot help us!

Those are strong statements, but it’s true. God set the earth in motion and GAVE it to man to rule. What we SAY about what we believe (in faith) is what happens! Of course that is because of the dominion position originating in Genesis 1: 26-28. Because of that “ruling law” OUR speaking everything into existence is unchangeable.

If we want God to provide, we must begin saying so! Because of our dominion position, a refocus of our expectations is necessary. It is our confident expectation from Him that brings HIS prosperity. For “Him to provide” we must have faith in Him as our provider – God of the Bible, being that provider. Then because He gave us the dominion position to take control of His provision, our confident expectation (faith) in His power to provide, aligns us with His plan to provide, making His provision “ours” to have!


The next question is this – "Is He able to do it?"  In order to have the kind of faith in God that produces, one must first receive Him as Lord and then begin hearing the word of God preached from a "faith" position which results in powerful faith from what we hear. It is THEN that we can fully understand that He is able and all we need to do is appropriate it. As an IDC Delegate, even a delegate with some doubt about these things will be effective for our overall objective because of the aforementioned "group" dominion position.

The next thing we need to understand is that NOBODY receives "anything" according to God’s ability or his will but it is according to our "will" and "OUR" faith in Him. As an example, three men tore the roof off of Jesus' house to get their friend to Jesus so the friend would be healed. One interesting fact to consider; There is "no record” of anyone else in the house getting healed except for the man whose friends put action to their faith by coming in through the roof! Of course, the power was there and the will of God was clear, so why was their friend healed and others not? It was their “confident faith” in the power of God that produced the healing.

It was NOT, as some teach, that “Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t”.  God is not schizophrenic! His plan to prosper us in everything we need and want is clearly outlined throughout both testaments of the Bible! We must change our faith from the valueless practice of  “faith in man” to faith in God. This is IDC’s point entirely.


As one of at least 300 delegates in your community, you will help move the hand of God as we band together putting action to our faith. Don’t worry if your faith is wavering, or even if you don’t even know the God we are speaking of, your support as a Delegate is MOST importantly registered with God. That support will help us bring in new jobs to the community. The mere fact that each delegate registers in support of the overall effort exhibits our “group” faith in God as our provider. This has the dual effect of taking our eyes off of others, of being our provider, and placing faith in God. By default, He will provide by means of His laws of prosperity.

Faith in man never healed anyone or saved anyone! Faith in God as the source of our prosperity carries the same power as faith to be healed. Faith to be healed and faith to be prosperous comes by the same faith to be saved. If we have faith to be saved then we have faith to be prosperous because it all comes from the faith OF God. It is His faith that He gave everyone. According to the Bible when we are born again, He provided each of us the same measure of His faith for salvation PLUS everything else in the package! We would have to “alter” the scripture to say anything different.  

Our prosperity is stored in heaven, brought to earth by invention then manufactured from the earth out of raw materials processed from agriculture and mining. The simplicity is that IDC Delegates help to decide which communities will produce those inventions and gain from the additional jobs. 

Let’s clear up an important question as to why communities should seek God rather than man for their prosperity? The answer is, people are not required to hear you! Men are not required to cooperate with you when you say “Give me your wealth!” The rich man does not have to obey you! God on the other hand has established His LAWS of prosperity with the same force as the law of gravity and has obligated Himself to cooperate with His own rules. All through the Bible, God established His LAWS of prosperity for the specific purpose of continually providing for His children, even today! The interesting thing is – even if we are just standing close to  one of His children, we get some benefit! Of course it is much better to establish the Father-child relationship for ourselves, but, He lets us choose that for ourselves. As an example, Jesus said ask and you will receive.


IDC says to its delegates who represent the community, “Have faith in God just for this one thing at this time and see what will happen!” Faith is from God and He is looking for reasons to provide – man will resist giving to you, so why try?  But, God desires to give you more than you need and even the desires of your heart! (Matthew 6:33)


Why not switch your efforts and begin looking to the one that is the originator of all the prosperity on the planet and wants to give it to you? When we do this as a community the community benefits.

NOW, for the big question; Is there Biblical reference that supports the "power" of a group effort?  Everyone has heard of the tower of Babel. This is what God said about that group of people who were in one accord.

  • And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.     (Genesis 11:6 KJV)


It is abundantly clear that man has dominion on the earth and God has pleasure in prospering His people by means of that dominion and the scripture above further illustrates that dominion has an exponential power as a group.