Emerging Technologies

Some say that technologies emerge from IDC as if by a spiritual force! They're right! 

More about that spiritual force elsewhere on this site, but for now take NOTICE :  

Usually a minimum of $50,000 cash investment should be available for any of the investments on this page! That is not to say that any specific project can be purchased for that amount or that it would cost anything at all!

  • Technically IDC does not SELL inventions, it is our desire to create employment "with the inventions" while maintaining an equity position in the production of the invention. But the availability of the $50,000 lets us know that investors or CEOs are serious! Call for details. (Veterans and other inventors never pay a fee for IDC assistance) 

Projects on this page are ready for someone or a company to become the Driving Force and to take controlling interest! (More than 51% ownership!) IDC will support the DF with anything the DF may not possess including "venture capital." The Driving Force must have an investment BUT it could be as little as sweat equity! This is totally unheard of in the investment community, but with IDC it is standard procedure to do whatever it takes to create jobs. See more of these products elsewhere on the IDC site or contact us for additional information.

NOTICE:  Getting products on the market is what we do and being flexible in what we allow to be an investment is key to our successful market penetration and job development. 

Backyard Super Centers of America: This project is expected to become a 450 location national franchise. A prototype with a profitable track record has been in operation in Stone County Missouri which continually proves the concept. 

Total Control Swine Systems: Controlled environment product for the comfortable and humane housing of swine which has proven ability of breaking all records in feed conversion, reduced death loss, dramatic profits.

CoolStow: A building science centered on a construction techniques that utilize proprietary heat transfer technologies that when implemented into any building allows that structure to maintain complete control of its environment without external power requirements. 

GenTower: The first vertical axis wind turbine that is large enough to power a home from the backyard without being obtrusive and ugly to the neighborhood, bird friendly and totally "green" producing sustainable free energy.

CozyWay Cabins: The first structure that when lived in will actually add to health and wellness of the resident! This technology will eventually be utilized by architects all over the world. The bottom line is the structure dramatically reduces Electromagnetic frequencies from entering the structure thereby eliminating effects of EMFs on the human bodies that reside in the structure. EMFs that have been built up in the body while in their normal routines outside the structure are dissipated while residing in the structure. Because of the "grounding technology" the body that comes in contact with any part of the structure will dissipate its undesirable frequency in exchange for the earth frequency! Then even when it is necessary to spend time outside, the overall effects of EMFs will haven been dramatically reduced.

Bike Garage: The first backyard motorcycle garage designed specifically to maintain a perfect environment for motorcycles. Expensive motorcycles have never designed to withstand temperatures above 120 degrees for long periods. Interior temperatures of conventional backyard storage structures reach over 140 degrees daily during summer in most areas of the America. 

BridgeWay Steel: This product is a means of reducing or eliminating dimensional lumber in construction of buildings. Most any size board and all of its drawbacks can be eliminated when using these steel members rather than wood. The strength is 400% stronger for the same size member. The steel "board" never is subject to twisting, cracking, warping, bowing or bending with time or moisture.