Wind Power in Your Backyard

Details withheld due to necessary protection during the patent process. 


Big power from a small space. This non-intrusive, unique vertical axis electricity generating wind turbine is designed for the back yards of homes. It will require no more than 10 foot by 10 foot area of the back yard. Maximum height can be 80 feet without requiring guy wires. A 40 feet tall unit is expected to take care of a 4000 to 8000 square foot home.  An 80 foot unit will provide power to multiple homes. Multiple units may be linked together to provide power for large commercial operations.




The closest competitor sells for $16,000 with only 36 square feet of wind capture area. That is $500 per square foot of capture area. GenTower will sell for about $250 per square foot of wind capture area. The 80 foot unit has a wind capture area of 640 square feet! Power, Power!  The competition would need 18 of their systems at $16,000.000 each to generate the same power as one 80 foot tall GenTower.  Their cost would be $288,000.00  versus the $160,000.00 installed GenTower cost.

 Required Manufacturing Processes: Assembly plant.

Components can be fabricated by others

including rotational moulding, metal stamping, and aluminum forging.

Electrical components shall consist of three phase alternators, wiring harnesses, battery storage.