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Comparative Testing at a nursery.

Plants to right side of picture were treated with "God's Plant Food". 

Plants on left were not treated. Plant age and environment are the same. 


Free Samples

Free samples of God's Plant food are available through your local representative and have been provided by Invention Discovery Center for your evaluation.


IDC evaluates new products then we provide that evaluation data to the commercializers for a fee. Somtimes IDC receives a percentage. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the commercialization of this product (God’s Plant Food) will go toward establishing IDCKIDS chapters in major cities of America.


IDC Kids is our not-for-profit entrepreneurial program for all youth who desire to rise above their circumstances. In addition to classroom training and field trips, we will introduce them to business people that are living examples of those who have found an alternative life of invention and the resulting prosperity.


See www.IDCKids.com for details regarding this entrepreneurial program for the “new” youth of America. 

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It is through systematic classroom instruction regarding “earth” resources and the “inventions” that release those resources, that will uncover the amazing untapped potential of our youth. We show them hot to “think thoughts they have never thought before.” This is the very essence of invention. Learning this frees them to consider their life options. Our instructors show them how to “see the end from the beginning” creating in them a “can do” attitude that will take them anywhere they desire to go! 

Proven to Release Limits

Plants have

Limiting Factors

The Future of

God's Plant Food



 At IDC in order for you to record your opinion of God's Plant Food you will receive a free lifetime membership in IDC. You will be able to offer your opinion on this and other new products before they even come to the marketplace.  Trust is the key component that validates products. Opinions of our members are trusted by product commercializer/investors. Your membership is at no cost to you, but your opinion is important to the marketers of God’s Plant Food. It is valuable for them because they know that you have given the product a fair evaluation. When our members provide their opinions, the marketers know it is the opinion of a “real” user. Because of the pictures, they see the type of plant tested, they note geographical area, indoor or outdoor plant, etc. That accurate information will help them define their management decisions. The marketing of this product will create jobs. Job Creation is a major reason for the existence of IDC.


God’s Plant Food has already been proven on large Amish agriculture operations but its value for house plants and gardens has yet to be documented. Releasing the limits of your plants at “your house” is needed to verify its potential.


Sunlight, air temperature, soil temperature, soil nutrients, water, time, and seasons are limiting factors that determine the limitations of a plant. It has been proven that the health of a plant is even affected by sound. As many know, the spoken word in proximity of a plant actually has an affect on plants. All of these play a part in their growth and health.. But one of the greatest limiters of a plant’s growth and health is the lack of soil nutrients, specifically minerals which God's Plant Food releases to the plant.


The lowest nutrient content in the soil of an essential mineral will BE that plant’s limiting growth factor. As an example of limitations, a $50,000 automobile will only go as far as its fuel allows. Plants have the same type of limitations. The “fuel” of the plant is made up of many minerals with each one essential to the life of the plant. If any single mineral is unavailable to the plant, that mineral will be the limiter of the plants growth and health. All essential minerals are in this sample and will release its potential.


After the consumer opinions have been released to the manufacturer/marketers,  this product is expected to be released for house plants and also to be used on vegetable gardens, flowers, and even large farm crops. In return for IDC member’s POPS, the manufacturer has agreed to provide significant support for IDC Kids chapters throughout America! Therefore, as a member of IDC your participation vitally important to help release the potential of our youth around America.



Why is the product called God's Plant Food?

It’s all natural—not synthetic— not chemical—not manmade.

Concentrate Details

Product is Safe.

For Best Results

Please Use as Directed

The liquid concentrate enclosed contains a two part solution consisting of  seaweed and plant derived minerals mined out of an ancient mineral deposit from the western US. You only need to add tap water to the concentrate to complete it.


This is not a “soil treatment.” It is for foliar (leaf) feeding of the plant and only expected to “feed” the plant during a single season life cycle. Some say plants function on the law of minimums, we say plants function on the “law of limitations." They are created to grow at their highest level at all times with their growth potential only reduced by “limiting factors!”


The essential growth elements in this sample are formulated to be part of an overall plant food program that does NOT include synthetic fertilizer. Admittedly, for the last 100 years, Synthetic fertilizer has artificially increased general plant growth. But this counterfeit fertilizer, to God’s "natural" plan, has put "nutritional limitations" on every plant's potential as a  human food source and even animal feeds. God’s Plant Food is organic, NON chemical and can be used in-doors and outdoors. See our website for details on use of nitrogen.


Begin your comparative test of 2 small house plants, flowers, vegetables, etc.  Make sure both plants have lots of leaves. (the food is absorbed through the leaves only).


For this IDC POP(product opinion poll) to be impartial assessment, use two plants close to the same size & age, set in the same area. Only spray one plant – the other will be the control plant. Arrange both plants in one-snapshot photo with a ruler in each plant so we can see the beginning size & progress. It is not mandatory, but about 4 photos during the month would be nice. Arrange the camera to take the photos standing in the same location in the room.


To make the sample container ready for spraying, fill to the top with tap water. Shake before each use because of settling.

Spray only ONE of the plants once per week! If you want to spray twice per week that will be ok. Just make sure you have enough solution to last the month on the test plant. We only ask that you clarify on the survey the frequency of application.


Other than spraying just one plant , treat both plants the same, which of course (as much as you can) would include identical soils, equal watering, same area of sunlight. Do NOT use chemical fertilizer, or any other plant food, on the plant with God’s Plant Food. So that others perceive this to be a fair test, you may use your normal plant food as usual but do NOT put on the test plant.


Use the spray to mist over the top of the leaves and under the leaves. The idea is to lightly wet the leaves. After about a month you should be able to see a marked difference between the two separate plants.


The following observations are what we would like you to consider between the two plants during your comparative test, and this is also what you need to consider for the survey;