"Prosperity Control" Has Been Returned To The People!

The Founding Fathers Believed The People Of America Wanted To Always Be Responsible For Their Own “Prosperity.” The People Of That Time Had Experienced The Control Of England And Had Become Convinced That Power Should Not Be Concentrated In The Hands Of A Few. They Knew The Community, As A Whole, Should Be The Only Safe Keeper Of Their Prosperity.

American Government

As an example, “Every government degenerates when trusted to the RULERS of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. (Thomas Jefferson in notes to the State of Virginia, 1781)

-- "A Government of the people, by the people & for the people shall not perish from the earth!" (Lincoln, Gettysburg Address.)

IDC has developed its delegate representation program called Hometown Employment on the premise that the people of each community "want to regain" control of their own financial destiny. All through history it has been clear that “only the people” can be trusted with their own prosperity! The program is specifically designed for communities that have experienced a closing or downsizing of one or more their local industries resulting in job loss and lowered prosperity level for the community but desire to at least replace what has been lost!

Often local or even the national government is unable to affect a change. Instead their involvement may even tend to further separate industry from the community. In a free enterprise society only local businesses have the ability to have a positive effect on the local economy. It is also a proven fact that “new wealth” is a result of the manufacturing and the loss of a manufacturer is a LOSS of wealth. The IDC effort is to connect industry to the community.

  • The Invention Discovery Center delegate program is the necessary connection that closes the gap between the people and industry that provides the prosperity! 


Because the delegation size has been mandated to a minimum of three hundred, IDC “volunteer” delegates from each local community ARE truly representatives of the people in the community. The community can be a city, town or even a county. The first consideration for each delegate is to provide his or her opinion regarding a selection of IDC’s new inventions that should match the skill sets of the community for which they are a delegate. Their opinion matters because the right product, that matches the community, will be manufactured under a "skillset-matched" formula that will produce the maximum quantity of product which will equate to the maximum number of NEW jobs.  

The Invention Discovery Center has been officially under development since 1996 for the purpose of "grassroots empowerment of local residents to create NEW wealth from inventions. IDC has developed the HomeTown Employment program to allow an entire community (county or city) to direct new products and new wealth to their community.  


HOW? IDC authorizes any community to enact the “Hometown Employment commercialization program". The first step for any interested community is to enlist delegates that will work with IDC in the job creation process.


Depending On The Population Of The County, Up To As Many As 300 Delegates From The Community May Participate. IDC Empowers Community Delegates To Specify Industry Type And The Number Of New Jobs Needed. Based On People’s Opinion Polls (POP’s) IDC Will Invest In The Community, In Part, According To The Specifications Of The Delegates! 

Never In History Have America's Community Residents Been This  In Control Of Their Own Financial Destiny!

This Is Clearly A Timely Industrial Revolution, Ordered And Funded By God And Enjoyed By All Americans!

A complete description of the Hometown Employment System may be downloaded here as a PDF.