Incubation Showcase

 The inventions on this “showcase” page are in “Stage One” incubation and are NOW accepting applications for CEO (Driving Force). Generally IDC awards 60% or more ownership to the Driving Force and his investors. The 40% that IDC retains goes toward paying royalty to the inventor and also to support the Driving Force with any and all business disciplines that he may not possess but are crucial to the success of Driving Force.

All other inventions and business concepts found on our site are in various positions of being prepared to “attract” a Driving Force. The Driving Force is the person that provides the “passion” needed to head up an enterprise as CEO. Depending on the project being commercialized, generally a Driving Force is a manufacturer but not necessarily limited to a manufacturer. IDC is well convinced that nothing happens until somebody has the “vision for success” and does not quit. Vision and passion for the success for the project is the role of the Driving Force and ALL the other business disciplines will just assist him!


Quality Inventions that have been through the IDC opinion poll process indicating that many jobs will be produced are the inventions that will  attract a Driving Force. That is when the process gets exciting. By concentrating all our efforts on the INVENTION and NOT the inventor, success is nearly guaranteed! The Driving Force match-up is the primary reason that IDC will go down in history to be the ONLY “invention” incubator to double and perhaps triple the total number of successfully commercialized inventions that make it to the marketplace.


If you would like to be considered for a CEO/owner of ANY incubated invention (Driving Force) please email your primary interest so we could begin our discussion.


Click on each below  for more details on these specific inventions. 


CozyWay Wilderness Cabins Resorts

CozyWayCabins is the answer to the VERY best get-a-way cabin or How could a  commercially viable resort   b usiness be created “overnight” or expanded even on “rented” ground while remaining a safe investment?”

NOTE:  The cabin shown on this page is NOT a CozyWay product but is similar in appearance (due to patent pending we cannot show actual photo)

It has been said the CozyWayCabin concept sounds too good to be true! HOW could a resort be built over night? Our RELOCATABLE structure is the primary reason! Secondary reasons is the cabin is self reliant with its many attributes that are self contained without need to rely on other trades such as foundation, excavation, electrical, plumbing, etc. Also consider the health & safety attributes of CozyWay that can be precisely designed to maximize market appeal through matching exterior and interior components with the known geographical socio-economical market requirements. This provides opportunity to prove-out the business model before a larger commitment and a larger financial risk is required. (units can also be purchased singularly

IDC desires to retain 37% ownership of a resort location, out of which, IDC will pay the inventor his royalty while arranging any and all business disciplines the resort owner may not possess including marketing, management, financing, distribution, etc. The resort owner shall retain 63%. Of course, he may need to share his ownership with investors. 

Anticipated income? In the Branson Missouri area, we expect a gross income of $8,000 per month to be a reasonable expectation for each unit in the resort. See proforma. Anyone may be an independent  Cabin owner (like a condo rental). That owner will receive $4,000 per month to rent his cabin to the resort. That is a very good income on a $200,000 investment! Very, very safe investment with ownership in the structure that can be moved. You get all the tax advantages and depreciation.


Three (3) locations are available in the Springfield, Missouri area at this time. We will also accept applications for other areas.

Prospective CEO’s (Driving Force) please contact us at



BackYard SuperCenters of America

IDC is seeking CEO/owners for the first 5 geographical locations that will represent Backyard SuperCenters of America & receive special preferences and "no" franchise fees for life! Proforma annual net income approximately $200,000. Corporate provides the locations and pays all fees.

4 acre locations displaying backyard excellence.

5 Driving Forces (CEO’s) needed NOW for each of those 5 locations in Missouri. Prospective CEO’s please email us at



Nearly invisible vertical axis electricity generating windmill