Why IDC Works for Everyone

Most Effective Method

Some have said that the unique IDC business model may be the most effective method of commercializing inventions ever conceived. It is critical to understand how IDC functions and why the developers believe that all wealth is extracted through the processes of "agriculture and mining.”  It is their understanding that God has stored all wealth in plants and minerals. God transfers the wealth of the earth to mankind through witty inventions! That transfer is the largest "continuous" exchange of wealth on the planet. IDC is the only known facilitator focusing its efforts on that exchange. 

What is an Incubator?

One of the most important attributes of IDC is that it functions as an invention incubator as opposed to the conventional  inventor incubator. What is an incubator?  The common business term “incubator” was derived from the poultry industry. A chick incubator is the “nesting of the egg” outside the warmth and safety of the mother hen.


The egg is taken from the hen, and put in a protected, heated area called an incubator, remaining there until it is strong enough to hatch.  In a traditional inventor incubator environment (usually supported by a university)  office space and clerical support  are provided at either a small fee or for an equity position. The university incubator usually makes available their libraries and other resources that may be useful to the inventor. The inventor is allowed to be part of the incubator until he is either strong enough to go out on his own (hatches) or gives up.


While this environmental incubator might work to artificially incubate chickens, it is unreasonable to take an inventor out of his area of experience and expertise in an attempt to artificially incubate him into something he is not. In the traditional incubation scenario, the inventor is asked to wear hats that don’t fit; the financing hat, the marketing hat, the manufacturer’s hat, the manager’s hat and the distributor’s hat which he is neither experienced in nor equipped to wear. To further clarify, we must understand that it is virtually impossible for inventors to be personally proficient in all the major business disciplines required for successful product commercialization.

Wrong focus =

99 % Failure Rate?

How to Insure a

Good Success Rate!

Each year in America, of the 200,000 patents filed, less than 1% make it to market. That results in an approximate 99% failure rate for the inventors and their inventions causing a huge loss of potential influx of wealth into the local, regional and national economies.  IDC’s model of incubation provides a greater assurance of product success. IDC asks the inventors to only wear an inventor's hat, receive royalties and truly enjoy the fruits of their labors. The tradition of focusing resources on the “inventor” is much outdated. IDC utilizes new technologies and a new business model to concentrate valuable resources on the invention NOT the inventor!

Investors are not gamblers! Far from it, they require concrete reasons to invest. IDC provides those reasons through surveying its consumer/members, obtaining solid marketing data and surrounding the “invention” with expert support of business individuals and companies from within the professional ranks of the IDC Partner Pool. The Partner Pool members represent any and all major business disciplines required for the success of each product (invention). Through proprietary sources, IDC is able to continually and effectively supply the combination of these two essential components (surveys and Partner Pool) providing investors the safe haven needed to comfortably fund each project.