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Investors of all sizes can be in control of their investment

It is always exciting to see the potential of NEW WEALTH as it opens up right in front of your eyes. It is like witnessing a baby chick hatching or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon . 

IDC is about INCLUSION. We are not looking for ways that something won't work! We are looking for the ONE way that it will work! As an example, usually a small investor with a desire to have control over his or her investment will by very limited.  But, with IDC his or her horizons are greatly broadened.


"Stage One" projects is where NEW WEALTH begins!


Even small investors can be happy about the control over their investments. Whether cash or sweat equity, investors need to look no further to find the perfect balance between risk and return on investment.


We understand our image of Invention Discovery Center may be biased. On the other hand we believe that history will prove IDC "itself" will be seen as one of the greatest invention of modern time!


As an example, with every successful commercialization of an invention, "multiple butterflies" emerge from their cocoons!


Think about it, the IDC system is designed to begin with the smallest of everything in order to develope a big thing. With many of our commercialization projects even the smallest of investors can find a project or a portion of one for which they could receive control over their investment! That's an emerging butterfly!


Then, there are high ROI commercialized inventions where the small investor does not have control but does have a strong vote along with other investors who as a group DO HAVE control, That's an emerging butterfly that did not exist before!

That same "commercialised invention" cocoon will produce many other butterflies;  

  • New jobs for individuals that never existed before will emerge from their cocoons

  • Inventor benefits will emerge

  • New community value will emerge exponentially

  • New benefits for those that will utilize the "produced" products will emerge

  • New wealth for all involved will emerge including manufacturers, distributors, management, marketers, sales, legal, accounting, and the multitude of support disciplines.

Just like a beautiful butterfly they are emerging from their cocoons at just the right time and in the right season. CLICK HERE for emerging technologies.