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Gamble or

Calculated Risk? 

Investors expect to take a certain amount of a calculated risk on any investment. But, there's a big difference between calculated risk and a gamble. Investors are not gamblers. Based on certain assumptions and weighing “risk versus known facts” is not gambling. Careful examination of the potential benefits of a product versus the risk is the standard procedure for determining investment strategy and investment risk. 

One important objective of Invention Discovery Center is to take as much risk out of a potential investment as possible. IDC  tries to not pre-screen inventions for potential because we believe that each invention should be presented to the consumer/membership for “their” opinion. The members will individually express their opinion of the invention. When the vast majority of thousands of member opinions indicate the product should have a successful future, investor confidence will rise to the occasion.

Majority Rules

The investment community’s trust in IDC is due to the “true and concise” opinions expressed by each individual member regarding inventions that come through IDC.

Those accumulative opinions provide “solid” ground on which investors and product commercializers can rely. 

Confidence in IDC

Our members make IDC  to be seen as the ultimate choice for product commercializers to find the perfect product that meets their processes, skill sets and investment portfolio. We believe that IDC can become the number one source of new products for all investors, manufacturers, distributors and marketers. We desire to be seen as the nationwide one-stop-shop where investors find the best new products, with a pre-proven track record and above all, safer investments.