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Why does IDC mean more jobs?

Before answering that, we want to answer a few other questions.

What about the unemployment rate?

There is an understanding that the current unemployment rate is manipulated through the method of only counting those actively looking for work in a given period The truth is people have given up on finding good employment. They are known as "missing workers". Why have they given up? We believe it is because there are not enough industrial jobs to keep the masses employed. We have become a service occupation society. The majority of jobs are in healthcare, the restaurant industry, childcare, lawn care, clerks, etc.  While these are necessary services, they do not produce a product to generate “new wealth”. This digression from product manufacturing jobs to service related jobs has resulted in a depressed national economy and high unemployment. In recent years we have been merely trading dollars among service related industries. 

Why is there such a high failure rate of inventions being commercialized?

Of the 200,000 patents filed in America each year, less than 1% make their way to production. This means there is a 99% failure rate in getting new products on the market.  Most inventors do not know what to do. Mentioned elsewhere on this site most inventors are not equipped to take on the challenges of getting their product to market. As an example most inventors cannot afford to conduct a market survey on their new invention. It is a known fact that investors will NOT put their money in a new product without knowing if that product is wanted by the public. Therefore, many valuable inventions lie dormant for lack of adequate marketing information.

Why does IDC have the answer?

IDC  is the solution.  At no cost to the inventors, IDC  has formed a partnership with members just like you to do their market studies. Together, we provide the necessary information needed by investors and manufacturers to launch these new inventions into production through Product Opinion Polls.


The purpose of the IDC Product Opinion Polls is to establish factual, reliable information from potential buyers about new products. In order to provide verifiable data to investors and commercializers, the Invention Discovery Center must know details regarding who is taking the product polls. Thus, we establish the demographics of those taking the polls by asking non-invasive questions. All demographic information is protected by eTrust and will not be sold or used for anything other than the stated purpose. The demographic data is accurate, trustworthy and verifiable. That is why investors and manufacturers can rely on IDC.


For the first time in history, because of the widespread use of home computers the consumer can be part of determining which new products are to be commercialized.  The consumer can be directly instrumental in helping us create new jobs in their own hometowns!


The final result is the demand for more products to be manufactured; that demand creates new employment from janitors to assembly workers to clerical and accountants to management personnel.

Make a difference!