IDC Indentifies Failure Factors That Prevent New Wealth

Why Doesn't Every Invention Become A Success?



A weak economy can be traced back to a loss of manufacturing jobs!  Manufacturing and agriculture are the main sources of "new" wealth. So, why doesn't every invention make its way through the marketplace to produce jobs?


It's about failure factors!  Slow recovery comes from the same cause as the original reasons for the poor economy and that is lack of new wealth that can only be produced by manufacturing! The economic development community has always known that a specific “chain” of events must go right, in order for inventions to get to consumers.  But they didn’t know there were failure factors present and if not removed they would derail the best of intentions. Those failure factors are the cause for the 99% failure rate of inventions reaching the marketplace to produce the new wealth that makes our  economy sustainable

Failure Factor #1


CURED =  Products Should Be “Stress” Tested In The Court Of Public Opinion:  The fact is that investors only put their resources in “what” they believe the consumer will buy. This is because of the FEAR of loss! (failure factor). Most commercializers and investors say if they don't have proof of marketability, the venture is considered too risky. Therefore, only an invention with a carefully defined market is considered to be ready for commercialization. The result is, less than 1% of inventions are commercialized. That leaves 99% to fall by the wayside WITHOUT producing the jobs the inventions were designed for! WHAT A WASTE! 


NOW comes the IDC Opinion Polls and the IDC two stage incubation process which clearly establishes the product in the marketplace. Then we can attract public company acquisitions. IDC believes that it can only create a clear path to new jobs and new wealth by concentrating on the specific inventions that consumers actually want! The market study by our members does exactly that.

Failure Factor #2


CURED = Driving Force (CEO) Must Be Qualified To Be At The Helm Of The Ship: No parent would even consider putting their inexperienced 5 year old at the wheel of the family car! By the same logic, nobody should expect to “drive a company” without experience. Most “inventors” will admit they are not qualified to “be everything the product needs”. The biggest (failure factor) is that we expect too much out of the inventor. As an example, university backed incubators incubate the "inventor" trying to get him to wear multiple hats with none of them fitting him!

Failure Factor #3


CURED =  IDC incubates the INVENTION not the inventor! IDC contracts with the inventor to provide him or her a royalty. Instead of forcing the inventor into the CEO position, IDC finds an already “successful” individual or company to fill that role. We call him or her the “Driving Force” behind the product. It has been said elsewhere that "God stored His wealth for mankind in agriculture and minerals”. He has a simple and concise system of transferring that prosperity to mankind. He does it with inventors being the initial earth connection. 

Failure Factor #4


CURED = Experienced Business Components Are Required For Success:  After giving the inventor an invention, God allows many others to support the process of transferring His wealth to mankind. Commercializing products is like a machine and “it takes a team” to run it. A “qualified” Driving Force is the hub of that machine but it’s the Partner Pool that holds the multi-talented-gears that drive the machine. The Partner Pool provides business disciplines that the Driving Force may not possess, including marketing, distribution, manufacturing, management or financing. The Partner Pool is comprised of like-minded business individuals and companies who desire to “Bring Quality Employment and Quality Lifestyles Back to Our Local Neighborhoods”. They receive equity in the project they are supporting. This is a simplified explanation of the IDC two-stage process that assures successful product incubation. Profits to IDC fund the angel capital account, keeps the program FREE to inventors and dramatically increases the number of inventions turned into products.

Failure Factor #5


CURED =  Comprehensive System Provides Investment Safety:  Our consumer/critic members are key to assuring “investment safety”. Their “critical analysis” of each invention paves the way for all the other components of the IDC incubation program. Their analysis gives investors and commercializers a clearer vision for expected ROI of the product of their interest. An invention is worth very little unless consumers want i. IDC consumer/critic members answer questions about each invention. This data is professionally extrapolated providing the market details that investors need to commercialize the inventions. IDC then provides the seed capital for the qualified Driving Force to launch the “Stage One” process. If IDC is unable to commercialize the invention within the agreed time frame, the data is released (free of charge) to the inventor. It is our trusted IDC consumer/member, made of everyday people from all walks of life, who provide the crucial "product opinion poll" (POP) element that fuels the IDC machine.

Failure Factor #6


CURED =  Pushing A Product Through The Marketplace Is Like “Pushing A Rope”:  Consumers commitment to purchase, even before a product is ready for market, assures product success. IDC's unique three levels of opinion polls of "consumer" - "shopper" - "Professional analysis" is unparalleled in producing what product commercializers need to ascertain an inventions true value.

Failure Factor #7


CURED =  Most inventors waste much of their patent monopoly time trying to do it alone IDC Affectively Extends Monopoly Time For Market Domination: Quick start and strong market penetration, as provided by the IDC incubation program, could effectively double the useful patent monopoly time. 

Failure Factor #8


CURED =  False starts and wrong direction verses Straight path to success. The IDC system prevents dozens, or maybe hundreds of wrong decisions and dramatically eliminates false starts and the usual pitfalls.

How Does It Happen?

Mutual Respect For Others To Prosper: IDC members help manufacturers discover new products even if that manufacturer is not in the member’s community. IDC members have one thing in common; they desire to create quality jobs in their communities. They hope to see neighborhood companies return to full production, bringing new wealth back to their communities. IDC authorizes its members to play an important role in job creation by introducing IDC to their local manufacturers. While surveying new inventions, if a member discovers a product that might fit a manufacturer in their area, they can nominate that company to be considered for an IDC "product joint venture." If IDC agrees and contracts with that local manufacturer to produce the invention, the introducing member will be well rewarded for their efforts. (POPs-Pro members receive large financial rewards. THE POPS PROGRAM IS ON THE DRAWING BOARD BUT NOT READY AT THIS TIME OF THIS WRITING)