Welcome Driving Force

Another missing link has been discovered!

The dictionary

definition of Driving Force is

“The impetus,

power, or energy

behind something

in motion.”

 All successful ventures must have a business plan structured around the core products and the key persons. One key person is the Driving Force behind the enterprise. A major reason that many inventions fail to reach the marketplace is the “inventor” himself. What are his chances for success if the inventor is not qualified in even one of the five business disciplines of which ALL are critical to succeed? The wrong driving force would be someone without the necessary abilities and success ingredients to make the right thing happen at the right time.


That would describe most inventors. That is part of the reason for the 99% failure rate of patented products not making it to market. Every invention that IDC “incubates” must be headed up by a qualified Driving Force.  Therefore, IDC asks all Driving Force applicants to compile an application specific to the invention they are interested in. Of course the potential Driving Force will have many questions about the invention before he can complete the application. IDC will provide sufficient details on each invention in order that the Driving Force would be able to formulate a business plan. The plan must include the business disciplines the Driving Force is able to bring to the table and he must be able to enumerate the business disciples IDC would need to provide through the Partner Pool. 

The major business disciplines are marketing, manufacturing, management, distribution, and finance. Of course, there are other minor disciplines that are peculiar to each specific invention. It is expected that anyone that desires to be CEO of the “Stage One” incubation period will also be very experienced in one or more of those disciplines.

After the business plan has been accepted, IDC will surround the Driving Force (CEO) with a Partner Pool that will provide any missing disciplines needed for the success of the venture. By completing an application the Driving Force will be demonstrating an understanding of the requirements of producing the product.

It is up to each Driving Force applicant to show proof of his capabilities to bring a specific product to market or at least know what it will take to produce the product. 

Note: The need for assistance in any given area does not eliminate his or her qualification to be a Driving Force for any specific invention. To IDC, it just shows the prospective Driving Force to be a team player.  It simply allows IDC the opportunity to rally the needed Support Team members (partner pool) around the Driving Force to help ensure product success.

All information shared by the applicant will be kept confidential on a “need to know basis” and will only be utilized by the Partner Pool Board to select the Driving Force most suitable to produce the product during the “Stage One” incubation process.

Very soon, many more inventions with full details will be featured on this site.  At this time we are asking everyone who views this site to send an email via the contact page indicating their area of interest whether Driving Force, Partner Pool, Inventor, General Member, Delegate, etc. If you have a particular interest in a certain type of product, please include that information in your correspondence.


IDC'S business philosophy is that we are all doing life together. Our objective is to unveil God's desire to prosper mankind.  All participants reap the reward of their own efforts and group efforts according to the value of their efforts expended on any given project.