Real Tree Furniture

Required Manufacturing Processes: Ordinary hardwood process plant tools commonly used in furniture making will do everything necessary. 

Custom Bedroom Furniture

Solid Wood

Head Board-Foot Board-Side Rails

Choose from Cedar or Oak


  • No particle boards! No Sawdust! No laminates! Just full size Solid wood cut directly from the tree!


  • 4 inch posts and legs!  Full 3 inch thick wooden side rails! 1.5 inch thick head and foot boards!  


  • This massive bed can be ordered as oak or cedar


  •  But either way there is nothing fake or puny about these beds. 


  • This bed is designed to last several lifetimes.


  • Hundreds of years from now they will be heirlooms to behold! 


  • King, Queen & Regular size. Head board and foot board are standard.


  • Average shipping weight is 550 pounds!


  • Can be put together without even one tool! Truly remarkable.


  • Packaged to ship directly to the home by regular freight line in boxes of less than 80# each.

Market Potential

Quality will sell! Nobody really wants junk! 


Please contact us about Real Tree Furniture product.

Manufacturing is planned in Missouri in the heart of oak and cedar country.