Synthetic Nitrogen-Enemy to Our Health

Plants have been created by God to consume minerals from the soil as their food supply. The minerals being supplied to the plants in part by the interaction of microorganisms with the soil, air, sunlight, moisture and other plants. Our body has been created to require the minerals contained in the plants. We eat the plants.  Sounds simple, right? It would have been if man had left it alone. I have personal experience with this because i was in the chemical fertilizer business. 

Chemical fertilizer is applied to crops which bypasses the natural processes in several ways. The plant no longer needs to get its minerals from the deep soil when it is being fed the chemical counterfeit on the surface. So now the natural minerals derived from the soil are not taken up by the plant. Man requires at least 90 minerals "each day" to sustain good body health. Food is the only resource for us to get them.  The shortage produces over 900 symptoms of slow death. The pharmaceutical chemical industry has labeled the symptoms as diseases. Because of that for each labeled disease a chemical patent could be obtained creating another cycle of chemicals.

On top of the critical shortage, the toxic pharmachemical chemicals produce more symptoms which leads to more chemicals and the cycle continues. The mineral shortage seems to first disrupt gut function preventing foods from being assimilated properly. This means thee perfect ratios of protein, fat, and fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids cannot be absorbed even if they were there. 

On top of the mineral issue, many plants have been
genetically modified which means they are no longer considered a complete food to sustain healthy body function and longevity of life.  They have been engineered and modified disrupting natural ratios and actually stripping away nutrients.  Animals also get their nutrients from plants. if the plant is void of certain nutrients then the animal is malnourished and its flesh devoid of the nutrients. Our bodies require perfect nutrient balance for life and health.

The answer would appear simple-- just eat plants and meat that have all the nutrients we need. But, even if that were possible, we still have to fix the gut. How do we do that? The short answer is, "Stop eating the plants that's been fed chemical fertilizer and "stop eating modified plants; then stop eating meats that have been malnourished.  Even if all that were possible, how can we stop taking the pharmaceutical chemicals?

The simple answer is, if you don't have the symptoms most likely your doctor won't prescribe the chemicals. If you don't have any of those 900 symptoms most likely you won't even be going to the doctor for him to prescribe the chemicals.  Where can we get vegetables and meats that have all the right nutrients? I am sorry to say, I don't know! But, until we do find them, we don't have to go on with the nutrient shortages that are making us sick.  We can add the minerals back that are not in our food supply and fully expect the malnutrition symptoms to go away! 

Let's face it, our food is broken!  But it can be fixed! You can do it for yourself and technically, it will not cost you a dime to repair it either! You are eating food anyway, just consider the costs of  adding the missing nutrients back into your food as part of your grocery list. Properly balanced food does not cost; It pays! As a byproduct of repairing your food it will eliminate many other costs. We presently spend a lot of money that we would not need to spend if our food was not broken. 

As an example, the body will lose its craving for designer foods, commonly called junk foods. That savings plus reduction of other costs to the grocery bill will more than pay for fixing the nutrient shortage. The costs associated with poor health can be dramatically reduced by restoring your health or preventing poor health.  At this point, all you need to do is find real food, not modified, full of the originally created nutrient balance. You can also add to your diet natural minerals and the other essential nutrients, in the correct quantities and ratios, regardless of how you choose to do that, or where you choose to get it.


PLEASE don't go backwards by getting some "engineered" supplement which has been chemically counterfeited  instead of natural vitamins and minerals.  It's only logical when the essential nutrients are added back into our diets the symptoms associated with the lack of nutrients will go away.


Through being born and raised on a ranch in south central Missouri I gained first hand knowledge of the need for crops and animals to reach their maximum potential. Working with thousands of cattle, thousands of hogs, commercial manufacturing livestock feed, commercial manufacturing of chemical fertilizer, and the desire to optimize my own health of my family, I have discovered many causes of health conditions are associated with nutritional deficiencies that can easily be corrected without chemicals. It is my desire and the desire of my wife, Claudia, to provide information to anyone who will listen so they may take control of their own health. Email