If the Skimmer/Breaker had been installed at this marina you would not recognize it! It would not stand out from the others.


It would serve as:

-A dock

-A refuse collector

-A wave breaker


It looks like an average boat dock!



* Wave Break (attenuator):  This product will be sold to fresh water marinas, with the primary benefits of cleaning the lake water while protecting marinas from boat wake!  

Market Potential

This system is also a "dock/slip stabilizer" in heavy waves. Storms and large boats can severely damage marinas. This system is the only economical means to "stop waves" before they get to the marina. No concrete!

On the surface, Skimmer-Breaker looks like an ordinary floating dock system, but under the water is another story. It can be sold for half the cost of the nearest competitor while netting twice the profit.  

Shaped like the average boat dock and built from similar steel, this wave attenuator is anything but average! Continually “skimming” the water for debris, dead fish, bottles and cans, etc this system protects the shoreline by working 24 hours per day, seven days per week to clean up the water while knocking down every wave up to 2 feet in height.

It could be used instead to replace the conventional dock, with the costs of this system not expected be more than 30% greater than the average dock “without” a wave breaker.  Of course it could also be constructed to be set in the water in front of an existing dock as well.

The need is there and this is the only economical system available to fill that need. Financing through leasing would be another billion dollar stand-alone business. Every marina would easily qualify! The Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency will love this system.

Required Manufacturing Processes: Shaping 1/4" galvanized angle iron. Punch press, drilling, grinding, welding. Similar to boat dock manufacturing.