Total Control Swine Systems

The Holy Grail for animal COMFORT was hidden until NOW!  Discovered as a NEW science in 1977 and clearly still EXCELS over every other known system to date! Absolute control of temperature & ventilation had produced the highest level of health and wellness, but went extinct before it could be revealed!


Seeing this for the first time is like opening an "historical" document to "SEE" the future! The original company did not survive the 20% interest era in 1980 and went out of business very soon after they launched. But the SCIENCE survived and is now being resurrected!

Dirty pigs are a tell-tale sign of stressed animals. Stressed animals not only produce unhealthy environmental conditions, the stress causes a direct economic toll for the hog producer. The stress could be a result of many factors. Unfortunately nearly all of these factors are present in common swine housing.


The Total Control Swine System eliminates those stressful conditions. Anything that stresses the pig will cause them to become socially dirty. Technically that is not that much of a problem, but the conditions that “caused” the dirty animal is a serious problem to the hog! Extremes of heat or cold, improper feeding, Insufficient ventilation, crowded conditions and a wet floor individually and collectively will produce a stressful environment for the pigs which will negatively impact the bottom line.

The CLEAN hogs in this picture live in the "Total Control Swine System". Their clean condition indicates these 1,250  hogs are living in a perfect environment.  They are comfortable because their temperature, air flow, space, feed and water are perfectly in tune with the hog's needs. These 13 happy hogs were in a 5 by 17 pen for 90 days on a test farm in 1977. Never cleaned!!! It will work for anyone today. Entry for Gueniss book of records for feed conversion was planned but not finalized before the company was disbanded.

The TCS system maintains this perfect environment automatically 24 hours per day! The hogs in this picture have eaten, drank and defecated in the same pen for 70 days without negative affects on the hogs.

The pen in this picture has not been shoveled, swept or washed! Nothing needs to be done except between groups of pigs. 

Even after 40 years, this technology  is still a new science in the combination of building design, equipment design, a proprietary heat control system, a proprietary air movement system and full featured training program to produce a perfectly  controlled environment. 


This system maximizes swine comfort and feed conversion from gestation to shipping.


The systems will be sold to corporate and individual  swine producers who desire maximum profits at the "least" cost per pound of gain.

Invention Discovery Center is seeking a manufacturer for this system. IDC will retain a small equity position in exchange for supporting the efforts of the CEO.

Growers report "the work load is dramatically less with Total Control Swine Systems."

Unique nearly 40 years ago  and still unique today!


Hidden on 10 private farms in Missouri. IDC now has the contract to commercialize this amazing system! 



Inventor Assistance


This technology has been obscured in a private trust organization for nearly 40 years but recently released to IDC for commercialization. The TCSS technologies has been in continuous operation on several farms in the Midwestern part of the USA TOTALLY out of public view. According to the owners of the system they would not take anything for it! Although the technology has been primarily for "environment controlled swine systems" it is well suited for any use where controlled environment of any type of livestock is needed. The following main six points can always be expected.

(1) The system operates with no odor, no flies, no rodents, no bedding, no flushing, and without added heat or compressed air-conditioning.  (Isolated heat on baby pigs in farrowing and nursery)

(2)  To finish 40 to 255 pound pigs, it only takes "2.5" pounds of feed to produce "1" pound of pork. This means you can always predict your profitability!  ("3" pounds if farrow to finish.) According to the satisfied users they know of nothing on the market that even comes close to producing this many benefits in one system!

(3)  NOTE: The TCSS systems have all operated WITHOUT the need for EXTREME "sanitation requirements" as required with common systems! With common systems producers stay in fear of catastrophic disease outbreaks and could not imagine working without plastic boots, baths and a change of clothes! The difference is that death loss and sickness is not an issue because TCSS addresses the cause rather than the symptoms.

(4)  Users say they are in more in control of all facets of the swine process because the TCSS is a COMPLETE tool used to maintain that control.

(5) It has also been said if a TCSS finishing system with 1000 hogs weighing 230 pounds each were hidden in downtown Dallas, your nose wouldn't help you find it!  Business people wearing suits have spent an hour in the system then had lunch in the best restaurant in town and "nobody" knew they had been confined with 1,000 hogs weighing over 200 pounds each. 

(6) Working in a facility where air quality is bad enough that hogs have lung issues and other animal stress related health problems persist, a reasonable thinking person would have to conclude that personnel health would also be compromised. "Personnel health in a TCSS facility definitely parallels the health of the livestock." Obviously clean air eliminates breathing problems for people as well!  In a TCSS house the reduced stress on the animals inadvertently produces a healthier working environment for workers.  Clean floors and equipment are not only healthier for workers it also produces a reduced work load. Worker/visitor cross contamination is of little concern especially on the same farm. This results in a more comfortable work environment because many unnecessary and time consuming precautions can be eliminated.

There is data to show that 10 billion dollars in systems could be sold through the existing independent USA national dealer network by the second year. The wholesale profit margin is 18% to the dealers.  


Market Protection

The inventor is available to provide ongoing technical expertise, engineering and working assistance which includes marketing and sales expertise.  Additionally, the original developers have produced several updates that have kept this technology 20 years ahead of its time.

Production Process

Galvanized steel, sheet metal  processes. In competitor swine houses even galvanized metal only last one or two years. In the TCS system metal parts last 8 times longer because  corrosive gases are discharged from the building.


Agricultural/equipment dealers worldwide.  Possible franchise opportunities exist due to the unique methods of marketing and sales techniques. Video tapes are available from customers that have extensive experience with this system on their farms.

Patent process is expected to yield several utility patents.

Required Manufacturing Processes: M1 Heavy manufacturing, 1/2 carbon steel processing, light gauge sheet, metal, punch presses and metal breaks. Large warehouse space needed.