At this time our UnManMade focus is on inventions that have been known to have a negative impact on the personal well being of individuals and families.


Our UnManMade policy desires to both educate the public regarding those inventions, and in some cases help to develop alternatives to those inventions. UnManMade is about getting back to products and entities that mimic what is found in nature and is fully sustainable. At this time these are areas of our concern;

  • Counterfeit medicine

  • Electromagnetic Frequencies

  • Agriculture practices and products

The following is a little history of why we discriminate on the type of inventions that IDC will commercialize.


Taking ideas-to-products is IDC's directive. There should be not doubt that IDC is in favor of inventions. But we are against destructive inventions! To further clarify, IDC is about “good” inventions and how to use those good inventions so their “bad” potential is not exercised. With all inventions there are pros and cons, good and bad sides to the very same invention.


Example; a hammer drives nails but it can also mash your finger! A car gets you from point (a) to point (b) but can kill you! Every invention has the potential to do harm. Even with wonderful potential we believe the inventor has the responsibility to educate the public so the “harming” potential of his invention is NOT realized. It is evident that many inventions from the past have been allowed to cause great harm to human existence. UnManMade says that “harm” needs to be recognized and dealt with. IDC wants to be the first to say “let’s get back to center” from the wide swing between the “old days” and the “new age.” Let’s decelerate in certain sectors if harm is being done by the fast pace of “industrialized” lifestyles. We have moved so far to the left of common sense that the public has begun to accept anything and any product just because it is new. The willingness of the public to think that all manufacturers care for their safety has positioned unscrupulous people in all sectors, pharmaceuticals, marketing, government, finance, just to name a few, to take advantage of the public.


As in medicine for example; often an inventor will develop a “synthetic” or “counterfeit” solution to “cure” a problem BUT it causes long term harm. In this case we call it counterfeit- especially if it was developed to circumvent what God had already created and had been working for thousands of years prior to the synthetic invention. Since the beginning of time man has foolishly attempted to counterfeit what God has created! Logic and understanding clearly shows that God provided everything we need for prosperity and good health and said “It’s yours, take control of it!”  (Genesis 1: 27-28) Gene splicing and DNA modification just to name two that are being perpetrated on the public in the "name of progress." 


What about institutions?

Most do not know, but many Institutions have actually been invented to “take from you.” Like any other invention they were developed the same as other inventions but are now operating without “checks” on the harm they are doing. Most are headed up by those without a personal knowledge of God and His prosperity system. Because they don’t understand the benefit of reliance on God, out of their ignorance, they’ve conceived inventions designed to “funnel prosperity” out of your hands into theirs. They have created all sorts of counterfeit means to do that. Some of these organizations are hundreds and even thousands of years old and still preying on generation after generation.


Those institutions are driven by the “love of money” without regard to what it does to the people the money is being taken from. Especially since the invention of mass communication, powerful entities have been developed to sway the public thinking. Add to that advertising, legislation and just general brainwashing over time, eventually your money will be transferred to their pockets. Many of these may appear to do good work and “publicize” themselves to be well-respected clubs, charities or organizations. We need to be acutely aware that MANY such entities ARE a conflict of interest to the general public! Even so-called “good” entities have an agenda! Some have banded together for a common purpose. The question is, does their agenda have a general benefit for all?

This short discussion is to provide readers with why IDC desires to provide support for UnManMade inventions. It is clear that an orchestrated social engineering has taken a toll on the American society and our society need help from inventors. This page is not intended to reveal all of what social engineering has done. IDC just wants the reader to understand our position is to NOT commercialize a product JUST for the money, but for the overall benefit of American worker and consumer. We also want to help UNDO what some inventions and business concepts have done.


History records that America was established by people that loved God. We realized there are many in America that have not educated themselves regarding the founding of this country. Consequently they are not aware of our roots where the founding fathers made conscious efforts to hear from God and do what God said which eventually resulted in the strongest nation on earth. Even for those today that know nothing about hearing the voice of God, we want to help at least re-establish some common sense and constructive reasoning in our society for the benefit of all.


To get an even clearer picture – it would be a conflict of interest to a family, if parents hated their kids? That is hard to conceive, but think about it. When you love your kids and they love you, there IS NO CONFLICT of interest! Of course when they want candy and ice cream just before dinner that would clearly be a conflict of interest. But in that case, if the children really wanted to be healthy and you want them to be healthy, where’s the conflict? Yes, there might be a short term conflict mixed with well-orchestrated whining, but, “saying no” is really not a conflict of interest when a child’s state of mental and physical health is “of the greatest consideration.”


Therein lies the core issue to this discussion, poor parenting! Many parents do not want to say no and further explain their position in such a way that the child could understand. Good parents are able to show that, even though there are TWO considerations, short term “sugar” verses long term better health,it is obvious better health should be primary! Of course if you cannot get the point across, take the pain, knowing that you are helping them! The cost to you “short term” is better than them paying forever! They will thank you for it eventually.


Now 30 to 40 years later the entire population is living with “stupid” all over the place! Policies made for our health and well-being and the protection and sustainability for our Republic are in the hands of the children of those inept parents! Many, “clones of their parents”, became politicians, school teachers, lawyers, doctors, scientists, bankers, etc. Multinational corporations, associations, clubs, secret societies, etc. are full of “ignorant children!” Ignorant, who do not understand why they are on the planet, how they got here, and where they are going! The scary part is, there are so many! Because they are now in positions of influence we could be paying the price of a nation heading for destruction. The leaders all seem to “want sugar” to hell with good health! Khrushchev, the head of the former Soviet Union, said in a public speech; “America, we will whip you and we will do it through YOUR children!”


IDC is FOR inventions and that is not in question here! Our UnManMade policy takes on the inventions of man that are designed to steal, kill and destroy! If that seems a little “harsh” let me ask you a question; why would you want to participate in any endeavor that harmed you or your family? Just because an invention has a copyright or patent, does not mean that invention is good for individuals or the country! When we find one like that we want to expose it to the “buying” public until it has no basis for existence. As an example we need to stop tolerating fake medicine. Many don’t know that plants were used for all kinds of illnesses then man invented a counterfeit of the plant creating all sorts of “killing and maiming” results if we take it.

UnManMade means ridding ourselves of counterfeit that “reduces” our quality of life and further takes away from our general prosperity. IDC is focused on supporting business concepts that will at least raise our consciousness of where counterfeit prosperity has taken us. IDC & Team want to foster ways to help America “refocus on the source of prosperity” and all of its benefits. As a country we need to at least come down on the side of common sense when making decisions! We need to think, if it is a counterfeit of the “REAL” then it’s not sustainable, if it’s not sustainable, then avoid it, because in the end – there is an end!  As a nation, we are just about at the end of the counterfeiting of our prosperity. We need to stop the insanity of man trying to meet his own needs without God! We need to see an end of this demonic attempt to “overthrow” the American government by instituting socialism! It is TREASONOUS and you and I would be HUNG for such a thing!

In 2016, America has elected a new administration that says it respects God and is against the “socialist road to destruction.” Those for God, or at least for common sense, need to pray that the country has turned around and is now on the right course.