Cuts Heating by 50%!

Very Easy To Use!

Maximise feed conversion!

Dramatically reduced death loss! Zero odors!


A Brooder Heating system designed primarily for heating of broiler poultry houses. Regardless of housing type this system reduces the usual heating costs by 50%.  When used in conjunction with the solid fuel combustion system featured on this website the fuel cost will be only the price of wood or other agriculture residue such as rice hulls, straw or sawdust.

Other Benefits

Regardless of the climate where the system is located the Brood-n-Grow maintains a plus or minus one degree environment temperature on birds from 2 hours old to shipping age. 

Cuts gas consumption by 50%. 

Market Studies

*The product dramatically reduces death loss to a minimum.*Moisture problems are eliminated in both winter and summer.*The bird temperature may be maintained to within one degree regardless of outside temperatures.*The litter always stays dry. Ammonia odors are eliminated.*Feed conversion is raised to optimum levels in every on-farm test.*Catch weight was dramatically increased in every test.

Three separate farms tested the system against conventional broiler heating systems.  Each farm had one house with the Brood-n-Grow and one identical house with conventional heating system.  Tested over a two year period the Brood-n-Grow produced dramatically superior results of greater feed conversion, reduced death loss, practically no ammonia, much easier work load.  The Brood-n-Grow is approximately the same costs to install as conventional brooders.

Market Protection

Utility Patent.


 Agricultural/equipment dealers, farm supply dealers, livestock equipment dealers and installation contractors.

Required Manufacturing Processes:  Galvanized light gage steel fabrication, application of plastic film.